It seems to be working this new habit of posting on social media, of figuring out new systems or sending my heart out into the world! I have always said-Make the path by walking- and now, finally I am doing it for myself. I want to stop here for a moment and say thank you to my heart. Thank you for your patience as I figured out the order of life. Thank you for the courage to step outside of what feels comfortable and safe by my mind’s standards. Embracing all of my heart-filled self feels like the best gift of self-love ever. I am an empathic, intuitive seeker of life’s possibilities and not saying that out loud feels like I am lying about who I am. I am ready to fully embrace and share the quirky, the woo, the metaphysical insights, the deep truth hits, the knowing.

I have spent so much energy keeping my true self under wraps. I am not doing that anymore. Even saying that feels a bit scary-I know that the universe listens and that gifts and challenges are handing often to make sure that you are following your heart’s path. I also know that I often get a truth hangover-when I feel vulnerable about sharing “too” much. That feels like the practice right now. Keep moving forward. Keep revealing. Keep my heart forward. Do you keep yourself under wraps? In a box? Do you make yourself smaller so that others can feel better? Let’s figure out how to stop doing that in a way that feels honoring to us.