Today, I was hit hard by a quote that I read on Instagram. It was:

“Darling, you feel heavy because you are too full of the truth. Open your mouth more. Let the truth exist somewhere other than inside your body.”
~Della Hicks-Wilson

Reading that felt like a blow to my entire body. I can FEEL that quote. I often say out loud that my body is buzzing or vibrating. I have to move it, or stretch or work out to make the feeling-the vibrating-lessen a bit. And, what I believe now is that it’s because I hold on to my truth. I don’t share it freely. I manage myself so that I fit in. I hold myself in. What?! I hold myself in? Holding me in is resulting in physical sensations. Of course it is. Our bodies are always trying to talk to us, giving us the messages that we need to hear.

So, for me the next question is-what is the tipping point between wanting to hold myself in and not feeling well physically? When does it make more sense to let my words live on the outside of me, not managing everything and just allowing the being? That’s the path for me-figuring out how to relax into being present without managing.