My coach vision is: I am deep sanctuary, liberator of heart’s song, catalyst of freedom and invoker of new stories.

I had a powerful experience birthing that vision and I feel it deep in my bones – down to the very marrow. I believe this about me. And, that feels power-full.

The definition of sanctuary is a container for keeping something in – often sacred. Sanctuary has been on my mind for several weeks now. Earlier in the summer, I was visiting my family in the Midwest. Our family farm is a very sacred place for me. I yearn to visit it, to smell the smells and feel the air and touch the earth. It is the place where I roamed as a child, imagined all of life’s possibilities and told them to my imaginary friends – Jackie and Jeff.

When I finally get to the farm – I feel my body exhale. I am safe. I am loved. I am enough. That is sanctuary to me. Safety, love and acceptance – some of the greatest desires that we all share.

Every morning, on the farm – I wake up and grab my notebook, book and computer and head out to the front porch. I sit in the far corner of the porch – looking out on the farm. I hear the birds and the other animals, I see the beautiful fields – this is my sanctuary. This is where my heart speaks and where I reflect on ideas and wonderings. It’s where I get centered again. I remember me. I remember that my coach vision above-that was born of this land and these people. My sanctuary.