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I see you.  I see your beautiful, wide open heart ready to set the world on fire.  I know how much you have to share with the world.  And, wow! Your soul shines bright!  What did you come here to do?  What calls to you when you allow the quiet in? I see how you want to be seen and heard and valued.   And, that can be overwhelming, right?  Trying to figure out how to share your light with the world.  And, yet-there is a yearning, isn’t there?  A desire to tell your story?  To unleash your possibility? To free your heart to serve your soul’s mission? 

I am a life coach, a speaker, a retreat leader (without a retreat yet-that’s coming soon!) and a liberation evangelist.  My mission in life and what I hold sacred-is supporting women in becoming their truest self, breaking free of self-imposed boundaries and expectations and living life on their own terms.

Recent Posts

Ask, receive, done.

This is a picture of my dad helping my youngest climb up a creek bank. She needed a little extra help from someone she trusted and he was there - ready and willing to lend a hand. So simple for both of them - she needed help and asked without [...]

Start Leaving What You’re Going To Leave

“Start leaving what you’re going to leave” - those words from Danielle La Porte from months ago are still working on me. It’s been a slow bloom for me although it resonated deeply upon first reading. Start leaving… that part really hit home. I felt empowered to take that first [...]


My coach vision is: I am deep sanctuary, liberator of heart's song, catalyst of freedom and invoker of new stories. I had a powerful experience birthing that vision and I feel it deep in my bones - down to the very marrow. I believe this about me. And, that feels [...]

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  • I am a recovering over-thinker, information collector, master of self examination, introverted social butterfly, & a wild eyed, untamed seeker + light worker. 

  • I seek liberation + ease for you and me.

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