One year closes and another opens-new opportunities and new intentions. I feel that pull-to review and reflect and let go. To let one thing pass away and be done with it. I feel myself looking differently at this new year. I have set my intentions. I know what my word or theme of the year is.

During the evening of the Winter Solstice-we gather together to celebrate the light of the season and to make our intentions known to one another. We ask questions like, “What do you plan to let go of?” and “What will you invite into the new year?” We claim our letting go and we claim our invitation to the universe-asking for support and celebration all at the same time!

We say these words aloud to one another so that they can live in the sacred space between us and around us. We are family. We help and support and hold each other accountable with a tender grace.

As for me, I am letting go of self-criticism, of filtering before I speak or write. I am climbing out of the box that I have been in and into the realness of me. I plan to Play Big and Shine this year-even though I don’t know exactly how I will do that-I know it is the right thing as it makes me giggle with excitement!

What will you let go of this year? What will you invite into your 2017? May your invitation bless you with giggles of excitement!

Happy New Year!