I write what I need to hear. I post what I need to see. Quotes and images that appeal to the less courageous side of me. Ideas around transformation, letting yourself shine, not playing small, being real out in the world-aligned with my beliefs. Same thing with tattoos-images and words to remind me who I am and who I am becoming. And, I know that for me-it is all a journey. Trusting the heart over the head-the critical naysayer.

I am a life coach. I am in this world to support women in freeing themselves from over-thinking and just getting through. I have been (and sometimes still am) the Queen of the Get-Through. I know what it feels like to hold yourself back. To not follow that dream. To believe that there is something else and not go after it full tilt. I want something different, something more aligned, I want to feel myself break through, transform this view of myself. As I have often heard-I want to get out of my own way.