Today, I was hit hard by a quote that I read on Instagram. It was:

“Darling, you feel heavy
because you are too full
of the truth.
Open your mouth more.
Let the truth exist
somewhere other than
inside your body.”

~Della Hicks-Wilson

Reading that felt like a blow to my entire body. I can FEEL that quote. I often say out loud that my body is buzzing or vibrating. I have to move or stretch or do squats and push-ups-anything to make the feeling-the vibrating-lessen a bit. This quote gave me words for what I didn’t have in my awareness. I know that I hold on to my truths. I know that I keep most of me-my thoughts, feelings, opinions, desires-bottled up inside of me. I’m not interested in hiding anymore.

I shared this quote and my feelings with a dear one today and she said, “What’s your exit strategy?” I actually laughed out loud! How beautifully simple! Yes-just let that truth out. Let it exit your body at will.

I love when something that I am deeply ruminating on is illuminated for me-especially when it makes me giggle.