AskReceiveDoneThis is a picture of my dad helping my youngest climb up a creek bank. She needed a little extra help from someone she trusted and he was there – ready and willing to lend a hand. So simple for both of them – she needed help and asked without reservation. He wanted to help and offered with no thought toward a return favor.

I love the simplicity of this act. No overthinking or fear or anxiety. Ask, receive, done.

That’s been difficult for me – asking for help. I have tended to believe that I should go it alone, or know all the answers or suffer through. I forgot that help is always available – no need to struggle or go it alone. My overthinking abilities are well developed and over used. I have allowed myself to anticipate being judged if I ask for help; to feel inferior if I needed support. And, yet that is exactly opposite of what our human connection wants from us. I believe that we are designed to want to help and support each other. To find the ways that my help fits with your needs.

What a great learning reminder for me – dressed up in a family adventure on the farm. Help, support encouragement – all there for me – for all of us.